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Rhonda Axhoj

Jane Axhoj

The effort behind Jane’s Gluten Free began almost 20 years ago when my husband was diagnosed as having wheat and milk allergies.  At the time, the Gluten Free movement was not well known, so we improvised with rice cakes and rice meals as the basic items of substance for him.  Several years later my husband’s sister found herself in a critical condition of not being able to absorb iron.  After many tests, she was diagnosed with celiac disease.  Once my sister-in-law changed her diet, her condition rapidly improved.  At that time our family had not heard of Celiac disease.  My mother-in-law did a great amount of research and soon we learned it was an issue for our family.    

There were not many options 15 years ago for Gluten Free Breads and products.  I took the initiative to create bread and other items so the family could enjoy what they were eating while keeping on a budget.  After much trial and error, I was able to deliver products that are excellent and well received.  We shared the products with family and friends and the response was so overwhelming we were encouraged to go into business to share these products with others on a larger scale. 

We started the business formally in 2013 and decided to name it after our daughter, Jane, who is gluten intolerant.  Jane is now a healthy teenager and is excelling in every category. 

The response to our products has been very rewarding.  Our customers love the quality and taste.   We are directly involved throughout the entire process from sourcing all the best ingredients to baking to delivery.  We take pride in our products and hope they will be a blessing to you.

Thank you for reading a little bit about us.  We hope we can serve you in the near future.  Here's to “The Freedom of Taste!”


Rhonda Axhoj


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